Vlaška 92, Zagreb 10000, Croatia tel: +385 (0)91 46 40 690 email: info@studio-kairos.com Bed & Breakfast i apartman u centru Zagreba

Terms and conditions

1. General terms

These terms of service are defining relations and responsibilities of service provider (in further text bed&breakfast Studio Kairos, or b&b service provider, or just provider) and customer (in further text traveler, guest, visitor, or just user). By making a reservation in Studio Kairos customer accepts all terms of use and obligates to respect all Croatian laws and regulations.

If you disagree with our Terms of use, please do not use our services.

2. Ownership, service description and categorization

Bed&Breakfast Studio Kairos is a trade mark (brand) of Studio 92 Ltd. tourist agency for tourism and services. Trade mark Bed&Breakfast Studio Kairos is protected in Croatian country intellectual property institution.

Bed&Breakfast Studio Kairos provides overnight stay and breakfast in four bedding units (Granny’s Room, Craft’s Room, Writer’s Room and Music Room). Every room has its own bathroom and shower, lavatory and toilet. Total bedding capacity of Studio Kairos is 12 people. Guest are entitled to use common room/living room in which dining room is located, while using of the kitchen is not allowed for the guests. Guests have also a small terrace on their disposal, where smoking is allowed. From additional services that are paid extra, customers can use full accommodation, drinks at the bar, bicycle rental, use of laundry service (washing, drying and ironing), office package – computer usage, printing and faxing of the documents.

Bed&Breakfast Studio Kairos is categorized with three stars (***) according to official categorization of institution in charge, and according to inspection of the premises.

3.  Studio Kairos obligations

Studio Kairos staff are obligated to give their guests quality service, information and creating comfortable environment for the stay. Service giver will fulfill its obligations according to good customs in tourism and hospitality management, except in conditions that are not in service giver’s power like natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, draughts); strikes, demonstrations, terrorist actions and restrictions given by the government (mobilization, embargo on leaving the country, war, etc.)

4. Obligations of the guests

Guests are obligated to act according to our Terms of service and House rules, to posses all valid personal ID’s and travel documents, as well as to act according to Croatian laws and regulations. While making a reservation guest needs to pay an 30% of the price advance. If the guest doesn’t check in until midnight of the day that his stay should have started, and hasn’t previously informed the service giver of the situation, reservation is considered canceled and Studio Kairos will keep the advance that was made during the reservation.

Upon the arrival guest is obligated to present the service giver with a document that proves advance down-payment (a voucher that was sent to guest’s e-mail), while the rest of the cost made during the stay guest is obligated to pay on check-out.

At the moment of the reservation guest is obligated to instantly pay for any material damage made during his stay, if damage is made.

5.  Use of information

While making a reservation customer will willingly give his own truthful data, for which service giver is obligated not to pass on to the third persons, except for tourist office check-in and statistics needs. Personal data is needed for realization of the demanded service and further communication, for better service. Guests agree that their statements on service quality and offer of Studio Kairos, which were given on sight, or Internet and social networks, can be used in further promotions of Studio Kairos.

So we would always have your full and correct personal info, please let us know if there were any changes in your personal data.

6.  Use of the web page

Company Studio 92 Ltd. that manages Studio Kairos b&b is the rightful owner of domain www.studio-kairos.com. All texts and photographs are also property of previously mentioned company and will be not used, downloaded or abused unless owner has stated differently. Photos and press releases that can be found in press section of the web site are meant to be published in print and electronic media, according to rules of journalist’s profession. For any photo usage, those who are using them are obligated to sign the photos with our trade mark (Bed&Breakfast Studio Kairos), and if in photos owners or employees are visible, they need to be signed by name. It is allowed to copy and paste our web site link on other web pages before previous approval of Studio Kairos.

Information on these pages is considered correct in the moment of placement. All data will be revised frequently, and possible mistakes will be corrected immediately. Studio 92 Ltd. has the right to change data on these pages before previous warning. By using these pages you are obligated not to use obtained information in illegal or forbidden purposes. These pages may content links to other business or personal pages. The links mentioned are there to inform the guests and Studio Kairos is not responsible for content and accuracy of these pages.

7.  Insurance

All Studio Kairos customers are covered by insurance from a third party, if it is determined that damage or physical injury was made by irresponsible behavior of Studio Kairos staff or owners. The company will not take responsibility for injuries or damage that was result of an inadequate use of devices or equipment.

8. Insurance of travel cancelation risks

While making a reservation, if the guest feels that for certain situations he may cancel his travel, Studio Karios recommends that the guest takes on cancelation insurance policy. Cancelation insurance must be made while making a reservation and it won’t be takein in consideration if made later on. Policy is calculated depending of the value of the trip and according to Insurance Company price list. Travel cancelations insurance is valid only in these cases and with written document that confirms it:

– death

– an accident with severe body injury

– sudden acute illness, for with urgent medical help is needed

– pregnancy difficulties

– intolerance to vaccines that a person needed to take according to positive regulations of the travel country

– property damage cause by fire, natural disaster or criminal intent of a third party

– military obligation

If customer doesn’t have travel cancelation insurance, and needs to cancel the trip for one of the stated reasons, Studio Kairos is entitled to keep the deposit according to article 13 of this contract. With cancelation, Studio Kairos will not reimburse the customer for costs of visas or travel documentation, even if the customer has a valid travel cancelation insurance policy. By paying a travel cancelation insurance policy all these demands customer will place on the Insurance Company, and Studio Kairos is obligated to give the traveler or needed documents that are related to the reservations to do so. All other terms of insurance are stated in insurance policy that Studio Kairos strongly recommends the customer to read.

9. Bicycle rental

– Customer is obligated to pay rent according to valid price list of Studio Kairos. – The price is calculated depending of hours or days of service usage.

– The customer is obligated to take on a bicycle and use it only for riding it, and that he will protect it from the theft (using a lock, or a code) while bike is not being ridden

– The customer will not share the bicycle with a third party or sub-let it

– For every damage the customer who rented a bicycle is responsible, never the less if the damage was made by a third party who he had lend it to

– For damage or possible theft customer will reimburse Studio Kairos in value of 80% of retail price of bicycle or gear, which is 250 Euros

– Guest that rents a bike is obligated to act accordingly to all traffic rules and is taking full responsibility for possible damage or injury that was made by negligent usage

10.  Reservations and payment

Overnight stay with breakfast can be made on our web site. After choosing date, number of nights and people that will be staying, customer needs to click on ‘update’ to see if rooms are available in given terms and prices. If the room and date are available, customer needs to click on ‘book now’ button after which voucher will appear and the customer needs to fill in all the data. We remind the customers that for making a reservation they need to be at least 18 years old. After filling in the necessary data (your name and e-mail address) you need to click ‘book now’ again and on your e-mail address confirmation of desired date will be sent. To make a reservation of the date needed you need to pay 30% down-payment of total stay price, which is also stated in voucher you’ve received in your e-mail. You can make your down-payment through Paypal service (the most reliable money transfer service), or by paying directly to Studio 92 Ltd. bank account (please check this information under the Contacts) or personally by coming to Vlaška 92 in Zagreb.

By making a reservation, the customer confirms that he has read Terms of use and that he is accepting all of them. If more people arrive then it was stated in reservations, Studio Kairos has the right to decline service to non-reserved customers or accept them and take their extra payment for them on sight.

We are warning the customers that for making a reservation on our web site they must be at least 18 years old, and that they accept all financial responsibilities for made transactions, or transactions made for them by under-aged people who are living together with them in the same household. The customer is responsible for supervision over under-aged people here by using his personal information, and for correct and valid data that was given for transaction and reservation. In any case of wrong-doing on this web site (like making a false reservation or similar) persons who have made it will be blocked from using the service on the web site.

11.  Prices

Basic price of Studio Kairos service includes overnight stay with breakfast, use of the Internet, air-conditioning, cable TV, towels, hair drier and room cleaning. Price list for every room is available online and in the brochures with description of the rooms.

Special or additional services are those which are not included in basic price of the stay, and they are:

– Full accommodation (with lunch and dinner from near-by restaurant served in our premises)

– Drinks

– Bicycle rental

– Office package (printing/coping of the documents)

– Laundry service (washing and drying of the laudry)

– Ironing

– Souvenirs

Childern up to 2 years of age do not pay for their accommodation, children from 3 to 10 years of age pay for 50% of the accommodation price, while children from 10 and above pay full price as adults. Prices are in Euros, or in Kuna for Croatian travelers. Studio Kairos is entitled to change the prices. If there will be a price change after the customer made his reservation, Studio Kairos guarantees the price that was made in the moment of the reservation. In case of discounts that are available at the same time, they will not be summoned.

12.   Taxes and fees for the stay

According to the Croatian Tax and fees law for tourist stay,the guest is obligated to pay a tax for his stay at the same time while paying for the accommodation. In Zagreb it is 7 Kuna per day for adults, youngster from 12 to 18 years old pay only half of that price, while children younger than 12 years old don’t pay any taxes. In prices of accommodation in Studio Kairos those taxes and fees are not included and they are specially emphasized.

13.   The right of the guest to change and cancel his trip

In case that the guest wants to change or cancel his reservation, it needs to be done in written, by a fax or an e-mail. Under the change we consider change in number of people or names of the service users, or date of the start and/or end of service use; change needs to be made at least 15 days before the date of the start of service usage otherwise Studio Kairos will keep 30% deposit that was made with reservation.

If the guest doesn’t check-in until midnight the day of the reservation, and hasn’t noted us, reservation will be considered canceled and Studio Kairos will keep 30% of total stay.

14.   Luggage

Clothes, shoes and other things the guest can place in the closet that is in his room, while valuables, money, jewelry or similar can be put in Studio Kairos safe deposit box for keep. Safes are not available in the rooms.

15.   Taking care of the complaints

If the services that were given to the customer were not given with quality, the guest may ask for reimbursement by making an official written complaint. Every guest has a right to make a complaint for not given service that was paid for.

The guest is obligated to make a statement of service in-quality upon his arrival to the service givers (reception manager or the owner).

Studio Kairos  will not be responsible for possible bad weather conditions, cleanliness of the city or traffic jams on the destination, or other similar circumstances and events that may make customers feel unpleasant, which are not in correlation with the service quality and the premises.

16.   The court authority

Service giver and customer will try to take care of all arguments related to the General terms of use in good will; if arguments can’t be taken care of in good will they’ll be placed to the official court authority in Zagreb, according to the Croatian law.